• Who uses a float tanks?
    Pretty much anyone can use a float tank. Floating is beneficial to all demographics, age groups, and types of individuals. We have even had kids ages 10 and adults age 85 both enjoying their floats immensely. Maybe you want to Float to decrease stress levels, increase athletic performance, relieve chronic pain, or anything in between. You can regularly find our tanks occupied by doctors, lawyers, athletes, students, businessmen, yogis, artist, musicians… pretty much everyone.
  • Is it hygienic and clean?
    Even our doctors admit that due to the salt content the solution is more sanitary than any pool, lake, or body of water. Even though impossible for bacteria to survive the solution is still filtered through a UV system in-between every session and maintained like any pool or Jacuzzi.
  • How are the tanks cleaned?
    At float Trinidad, we are committed to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule in order to meet health and safety regulations. The 1,000lbs of Epsom salt solution is inherently sterile and does not allow for the spread of bacteria.  Additionally, in-between each float, the entire volume of the tank is filtered 3-4 times through a filter and treated with UV light and Hydrogen Peroxide to purify and disinfect the solution. When the tanks are not in use, maintenance & purification systems and still routinely adhered to in order to ensure that tanks are clean, hygienic, and safe.
  • How long is a float session? What if I want to get out?
    A float session at Float Trinidad is generally 90 minutes. However, you can shorten your float to 60 or 75 minutes if you are short on time. Ideally, though it’s beneficially to commit to a time of your float beforehand even though you can open the door and exit the tank anytime you like.
  • What do I wear?
    Absolutely nothing ☺ We are NOT kidding. I know the videos show swimsuits but that’s only because they can’t show nudity. The idea is to limit sensory input; clothing stimulates touch and gives you something to fiddle with. Our doctors who float have even suggested that clothing would bring bacteria into the tank. With that said we aim to have out floaters feel comfortable and secure so if you must wear a bathing suit in the tank it won’t be a problem but we highly recommend against it.
  • What should I expect?
    Again…absolutely nothing! Ideally, you want to get into the tank and surrender to where your mind and body takes you. Any kind of expectation or preconception about what you might experience could leave you a bit underwhelmed as every experience is different from person to person. Even that same individual can have a drastically different experience from float to float. Best practice is just to enter the tank, relax completely, and surrender to the experience.

  • Do I need to bring anything?
    You may want to bring any grooming products you may need after your float (hairbrush, product, cosmetics etc.), however, we provide all other amenities you need: towels, shower products, earplugs…

  • How often should I float?
    Because individuals float for such a wide variety of reasons there is an equal amount of suggestions with regards to how often to float. Some individuals choose to float every day whereas others may float weekly, every two weeks, or once a month. However, we would absolutely suggest making it a regular practice in order to feel the benefits of floating.

  • How do I prepare for my 1st float?
    Once you book your 1st session you will get a confirmation email outlining some guidelines for your first float but generally you just want to approach it with an open mind and please arrive 10mins early so your intro does not to cut into your float session.
    Please do not float within 48 hours of freshly dyed hair and avoid waxing/shaving before floating to avoid salt/skin irritation. Please also avoid caffeine, heavy foods, stimulants, alcohol or drugs prior to floating.
  • What if I fall asleep? Can I drown in the tank?
    The solution in the tank is so buoyant you are completely held and supported. Falling asleep in the tank is amazing and can produce some of the best sleep ever. It is really difficult to turn over in the tank even when you are awake, and on top of that you are only in 10” of water; the possibilities of drowning in the tank are highly unlikely.
  • Can two people float in the same tank?
    Of course…NOT!!! While this sounds like a great idea it definitely would not be sensory reduction or isolation. The idea is to take time for yourself to cultivate peace and stillness.  However in specific situation with special needs we may allow someone to stay in the room with you if needed.
  • What if I am claustrophobic?
    Common question. The tanks are not as small as you might imagine and if you wanted to you could leave the tank door open or leave an ambient blue light on.  We encourage our floaters to see claustrophobia as a condition of the find and take baby steps to overcome the condition through floating. Floating has been used to overcome conditions such as anxiety, claustrophobia, and PTSD.
  • Can I play music in the tank?
    The ability for us to play music for you during your float is there as this is how we let you know your time is up. However, we would recommend it unless you have floated regularly and are experimenting with music as part of your experience.

  • Can I float if I am pregnant?
    Yes, we highly recommend it! Check out our benefits page to see some of the benefits to floating for mothers-to-be. While pregnant, the added weight and pressure on the mother’s body is likely to experience some tension and discomfort, floating can provide much-needed relief from both mental and physical stressors. It has also been touted as an awesome way to bond with your baby but please be sure to consult your physician before floating.
  • Is it better to float after or before intense physical activity?
    Some the world’s most paramount athletes use flotation therapy as an active part of their training. Often athletes neglect recovery procedures, injury prevention, and practices that increase clarity and mental focus. Floating does all of these.  Floating is beneficial to endurance athletes during their scheduled recovery times or for other athletes during consistent training when they start to feel a bit of sluggishness or heaviness in their body. Using a Float tank immediately after a major event of the game is recommended rather than going straight into a massage as the float will increase the benefits of your massage. Floatation therapy is also used by professional athletes before an event to improve energy levels and as a visualization tool to increase clarity and mental focus. Floating is such a personal practice that it is really personal preference and a matter of tuning in to discover when it works best for your body.
  • Will my skin wrinkle? Is it good for my skin?
    Your skin will not even wrinkle!! Epsom Salts is often used to treat skin ailments and is know for a spectrum of benefits and will leave your skin feeling smooth, silky, and rejuvenated.
  • What conditions/situations are NOT allowed in the tank?
    Float tanks are NOT recommended for anyone with any of the following conditions:
    – uncontrolled epilepsy or serious mental conditions
    – drug or alcohol intoxication
    – incontinence
    – infectious disease (skin or respiratory)
    – serious physiological conditions
    – high-risk pregnancy
    – open wounds

See our Float Waiver here.