At Float Trinidad

When you come in for your float we trust you will be met with a smiling face, lots of love, and if you’re lucky even a hug. You will then be invited to use the bathroom before we take you into your float room.

In your float room, you will find your own private shower, towel, and sitting area. You will then either watch an introduction video as a first-time floater and we will address any questions or concerns you might have. While the experience of flotation therapy includes no, light, sound, or sensory input there are a variety of variations to this experience that we are happy to accommodate your comfort and peace of mind.

After your introduction, you would then take a shower, and step inside the tank. At the end of your float, you will hear ambient music play to single that it is time for you make your way out. On exiting the tank you will take your post-float shower where castile soap, shampoo, and conditioner are all provided. Once you are all ready to re-integrate into the world you are welcome it sit as long as you like in out quiet meditation room or make your way into the world.

Inside The Tank

The idea is actually not to expect anything of your float experience because every experience is going to be different from one individual to another and may even vary drastically with the same individual from one float to another float. For this reasons, it could be a good idea to get into the tank with a blank slate and surrender. We highly recommend not speaking with too many people about their experiences in depth as your experience will be unique and pre-float research and expectation could lead to your first experience being a little underwhelming.

In summary, the idea is to put the time aside, get into the tank and relax. You may fall asleep, you may not. Your mind may settle, it may not. But the benefits and effects of your float often are not apparent until after your float, sometimes days afterwards, sometimes it even takes a few sessions. This is not some marketing scheme to have you buy more float sessions, trust us. If you expect some profound experience after one float you will probably be let down a great deal. Commit to getting in the tank at least three times and allowing the process to do what it needs to do, be open to experience nothing and you just could gain everything ☺